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Eat better bread.

Directed by Chef Adam Leonti of The Williamsburg Hotel, the Brooklyn Bread Lab is a test kitchen, classroom, and milling facility devoted to the final food frontier: Grain. It’s our belief that bread’s gotten a bad rap, and we want to change that. So we’re using our 10,000lb stone mill to produce fresh flour from responsibly sourced whole grains, and bringing it to you, the people. It tastes better and it’s healthier for you. We’re also teaching classes so you can learn to make bread, pasta, and pizza the proper way, with fresh wheat. On the weekends, we’re baking bread and opening our doors to share some of the good stuff. So come and visit us at the Brooklyn Bread Lab, buy some flour, take home some bread and pasta, and taste how whole grain makes all the difference.


10,000-lb. on-site
stone mill

Responsibly sourced
whole grains

Scratch-made &
baked here

Real bread.

Right now.

Fri-Sun: 11am - 5pm

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Learn how to make, bake, mill, and more. Sign up for classes with Chef Adam Leonti at Brooklyn Bread Lab.


Bread for Beginners

An intro to hand-mixed bread making and rustic-style baking.Learn more

Pizza for Everyone

Learn how to make Roman Focaccia-style pizza from scratch.Learn more


Real Pasta

Make pastas by hand with no machines and no recipes.Learn more

Baking for Kids (ages 8 & up)

Kids get a hands-on intro to bread making and baking science.Learn more



Whole Grain, Milling, Baking for Professionals

Delve deep into the science of bread making and become a milling master.
Learn more